Waterwise Design provides landscape design and consulting services for residential, commercial and strata clients using the 7 principles of Xeriscape.

Hardscape designed by Waterwise Design landscape services

Residential and Commercial Xeriscape Design

The landscape design process begins with an exploration of the client’s wish list, a site analysis, and a discussion about how the landscape will serve the client’s lifestyle and needs. Each design is unique and custom tailored.

Concept Drawing

A Waterwise design begins with a concept drawing illustrating functional elements of the landscape – areas for entertaining and play; circulation routes and pathways; kitchen gardens and utility space; view and privacy corridors; and special features like pondless waterfalls or seating areas.

From these details, a 2-D concept is created showing the style and aesthetic envisioned through the choice of lines (design geometry), hardscape colours and materials (e.g. stone, brick, gravel or mulch), lighting and plant materials.

Plant materials are custom chosen specific to site needs to provide 4-season interest and colour schemes that fit the design style.

Concept drawing by Waterwise Landscape Design in Kelowna

Landscape plan

The details in the concept drawing are then formalized in a landscape plan, which provides specific information about the choice of materials for hardscape areas (e.g. retaining walls, patios, pathways); landscape features (e.g. pergola, arbor, water feature, fire pit); and lifestyle features (e.g. vegetable gardens, seating areas, turf grass). The landscape plan also includes plant specifications (e.g. botanical names, quantities, size, and planting locations); irrigation requirements (e.g. number of zones, emitter rates); and soil and mulch requirements (e.g. quantities and type).

A Waterwise landscape plan shows all the detail necessary for installation of the xeriscape, and is also a tool that allows the homeowner to easily collect and compare quotes from landscape installation contractors. Waterwise works with a number of qualified landscape contractors and quotes for xeriscape installation can be coordinated upon request.

Xeriscape design in a garden by Waterwise Design in Kelowna

Hourly Design Consulting

Some homeowners opt to do some or all of the design and/or landscaping work themselves.

Whether it is a brand new landscape, or conversion of an existing landscape to xeriscape, Waterwise Landscape Design provides design expertise that helps homeowners plan and build their landscape with confidence. This often includes plant and layout suggestions, weed mitigation strategies, and multi-year phased landscape planning advice.

Design coaching is available at an hourly rate with a one-hour minimum


Many Okanagan strata landscapes were installed with cedar hedges and large plots of turf in the 1970s & 80s when water conservation was not a concern.

With these landscapes reaching the end of their lifespan, stratas are thinking about landscape upgrades that will use less water and save money in the long term; using less water goes hand in hand with needing less maintenance.

Xeriscape patio by Waterwise Design in Kelowna

Waterwise Landscape Design provides stratas with a consulting service consisting of an on-site visit and written report.

The written report details specific custom recommendations on how the strata can best move forward with landscape improvements that will reduce water and maintenance costs. The service includes a one-hour consultation to walk the site with members of the strata group to learn about the particular landscape needs and challenges.

The custom report includes photos of the site with specific recommendations for landscape improvements from the perspectives of xeriscape irrigation, design, and maintenance. The information in the report can be used to educate other strata members and to do long-term planning which may include a phased approach to landscape improvements.

Once the strata decides on a course of action for landscape improvements, Waterwise can recommend a number of qualified xeriscape landscape contractors, irrigation specialists, and maintenance companies to complete the work.

Cost for the site visit and report is $475 in Kelowna and West Kelowna; valley-wide consulting available with nominal travel fee.